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It's strange how entrepreneurs who are large risk takers and bold personalities turn into "insecure little teenagers" when facing investors.

Does he like me? Does he think I'm fat? Oh god he thinks I'm stupid and my idea will fail. I WILL NEVER SUCCEED IN MY LIFE!


Ok, this might be pushing it, but you get the point. Investors are the one group of people entrepreneurs are dying to get validation from. You desperately want every investor to love you and your startup, but you can't emotionally deal with the outcome when they don't.

That's the problem. When you enter any relationship with desperate desire for love and validation, you usually won't get it. It's a pretty unattractive attitude. Investors can smell desperation, and often make the emotional conclusion that you're probably a bad bet (they call it "pattern recognition".)

Step back and relax. Adjust your point of view. When you talk to investors, ask yourself, do you like them? Stop worrying about if they like you and if you're worthy of their love and attention. Think about whether they would be people you really want to work with. Can they talk about your space intelligently, and have value-add? Would you like to go on another "date" to learn more and see if this is a relationship with a future worth investing in?

Simply be yourself and be confident. Because confidence not only makes you more attractive to the opposite sex but also works wonders on investors.


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