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During a recent PandoMonthly event, Angelist's co-founder Naval Ravikant made very interesting comments about how the structure of companies may look in the future. He explained that a company will only need a fraction of the employees it currently takes to become a billion dollar business.

I highly recommend carving some time out to listen to the entire interview.

Naval's Take On Outsourcing

My favorite part of the talk was near the end, when Sarah follows the tradition of asking each guest the same final two questions. Sarah asked Naval "What is the one thing you believe, that very few others believe?".

Naval's response:

Naval says "You will be able to break out and outsource pieces that today you don't think are "outsourceable". You will be able to outsource your sales, you will be able to outsource your revenue collection, you will be able to outsource your bookkeeping, or reconciliation.."

Guess what Naval, the future is now.

There are already great startups tackling the outsourced services he described. Here is a list of a few of my favorite startups that focus on outsourcing critical parts of what a startup needs to grow and be successful:

Outsourced Accounting, Taxes, & Payroll

Indinero (YCS10) has created a platform where they are act as your company's accounting department. You can have their team completely handle your accounting, taxes, and payroll. They have an awesome team, led by co-founder Jessica Mah, and I'm excited to see where they take the service.

Outsourced Sales

Elastic Sales (YCW11) has been providing startups with sales-as-a-service for over a year for all types of products and services that require inside sales. They are able to handle each aspect of the sales process, including the creation of the process itself. 

Disclaimer/Shameless Plug Alert.This blog is maintained by Elastic.

Outsourced Database Management (DBaaS)

MongoHQ (YCS11) have been providing companies with the first-ever DBaaS (Database as a Service) platform to help companies manage and scale their MongoDB databases.

Outsourced Developers (That are actually talented)

Toptal  connects highly qualified developers around the world with companies looking to bolster their development resources. The quality of their talent pool is quite impressive. Startups that are known for their talented engineering teams like Stripe and Airbnb are vocal endorsers of TopTal.

Who else is out there?

Do you know of any other startups that are offering an alternative to hiring internally? Post them in the comments below!

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