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ElasticSales Debuts Sales-Consulting Division

Sales-as-a-Service Company Expands Business to Address Growing Customer Demand

Mountain View, CA – January 23, 2013 – Y Combinator alumni, Elastic, Inc., which offers companies a scalable sales team on demand, today announced the launch of a new division, offering sales-consulting to its clients. Elastic will offer its sales-consulting service to startups looking to improve the performance of their internal sales team.

“Elastic helped us discover an entirely new business model early in our early our partnership that has shaped the profitable direction of our company,” said Matt Deiters, CEO and Founder of Coderwall. “They became intimately acquainted with our business model, and in 4 weeks, were able to help us arrive at the ‘ah-ha’ moment that every startup is seeking.”

Graduating from Y Combinator’s W11 Class, Elastic provides a scalable sales team on demand for companies to formalize a scalable sales process. Since Elastic’s inception 18 months ago, the company has helped over 40 companies dramatically improve their sales process and generate millions of dollars in sales. Over this time, the company’s customers frequently asked Elastic to consult with their internal sales team to improve their performance. As a result, Elastic developed a consulting and training service to guide internal sales teams, improve workflow and discover new avenues for growth for its customers.

Elastic has grown 10X and is continuing to hire the best sales people and developers in Silicon Valley. The company has perfected the sales-as-a-service model by creating and testing sales processes for vastly different products and services.

“We set out to create a sales force on demand, and are thrilled to have proved our model,” said Elastic CEO, Steli Efti. “By expanding our services to including sales consulting for our customers, we can help companies drive sales and ensure great startups never again fail due to lack of sales.”

About Elastic, Inc.:

Founded in 2011, Elastic, Inc. offers sales-as-a-service and sales communication tools for companies. Elastic’s vision is simple: Never again should a great startup fail because of a lack of sales. The entire platform and infrastructure is managed via the cloud and combines the best in software as well as human resources to redefine sales on a massive scale. Elastic was founded by Steli Efti, Thomas Steinacher and Anthony Nemitz – the original founding team of SwipeGood. For more information visit www.elasticsales.com.

Press Contact:

Josh Waller

Hustler at Elastic, Inc.



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