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Y-Combinator Alumni Launches CRM and Sales Communications Platform

Close.io - Spend More Time Selling, Less Time Entering Data 

Mountain View, CA – January 29, 2012 – A Y Combinator startup announced today the release of Close.io, a sales communications and customer management platform, that allows sales people to spend more time communicating with their customers and less time on data entry. Close.io was developed by ElasticSales, a company that offers technology businesses a sales team-on-demand.

Elastic developed Close.io to increase the performance of their sales people. No existing platform integrates calling and two-way email out of the box, allowing a sales person to efficiently communicate with customers.

“We chose Close.io because it's the first platform our sales team actually wants to use. Having every customer interaction in one place allows our sales team to significantly increase our volume of outreach and close more deals,” said Zach Goldstein, CEO and Founder of Thanx, a venture-backed startup in San Francisco providing retailers with a customizable rewards program linked to the consumer's credit card.

Close.io allows sales people to make and receive calls, while taking notes, without leaving the application or picking up a desk phone. The platform includes a built in phone system through which a sales person can simply click on a lead to call.  Close.io also includes two-way email communication, synced with your existing mailbox, through which users can send and receive emails. Sales teams can focus on outreach and communication with their customers, as opposed to data entry.

“Sales at its heart is about successful communication with customers, so sales software needs to be communication software,” said Elastic CEO, Steli Efti. “By allowing sales teams to focus on communicating and understanding their customers, as opposed to data entry, Close.io drastically improves their results.

For more information about Close.io visit http://close.io; for information about Elastic visit www.elasticsales.com.

About Elastic, Inc.:

Founded in 2011, Elastic, Inc. offers sales-as-a-service, sales-consulting and sales communication tools for companies. Elastic’s platform and infrastructure is managed via the cloud and combines the best in software as well as human resources to conduct sales on a massive scale. Elastic was founded by Steli Efti, Thomas Steinacher and Anthony Nemitz. 

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Josh Waller

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