Work Here

There are two kinds of people that really add value in the startup world: the hacker & the hustler.

Our People

We are creating the most entrepreneurial culture in the world. You should join us if you have founder ambitions and want to be surrounded by people that come from very diverse backgrounds but are totally aligned in their core values, ambition and humor.

Our Values


Healthcare: Wellness is Paramount

How can you concentrate on work if you’re worried about getting sick? Here at Elastic it is priority number one that our team is taken care of. We offer a comprehensive healthcare plan so that everyone is healthy and happy.

Lunch: Lunch is always on the house.

We’ve found that catered lunches and your favorite snacks hanging out in the kitchen are pretty darn important. We have daily in-office lunches, and we’re not talking Dominos - we pair with a food startup who loves fresh and local as much as we do. You can expect samplings from gourmet food trucks, local farmers market vendors and delectable cafes.

Fitness & Sports:

Standup desks, ping-pong tables, basketball hoops & trampolines. We simply have it all. Our team likes to be active, work out, have fun and keep moving throughout the busy day. This is not your typical office environment.


Do you want to work for a startup? Do you want to start a startup? But you don't know how to program?

Elastic Inc. provides the perfect opportunity to jump into the startup world. Come learn from the best, and sell for some of the best startups in the valley. We take talent and growth seriously, so each and every person on Team Sales will be given the coaching, training, and motivation to rise to the top of the startup world. Working with Elastic Inc. will teach you how to drive revenue through just about any business model that works.


  • A full day of talking to people on the phone.
  • Listening to customer needs
  • Understanding customer concerns
  • Providing the right solution to their problems
  • Training. Everyone on our salesforce has at least 15 minutes of training every day.


  • 0 - 3 years experience in sales
  • 0 - 3 years experience in any customer facing role
  • 0 - 3 years experience in a leadership position


  • People person.
  • Smart but with the desire to become smarter
  • 4 Year College Degree preferred

Hustlers, apply here.


We're not building CRM software; we're creating the sales communication platform of the future. We're looking for designers and developers to help us unify the world's sales calls and emails into one beautiful workflow.

Front End Developer / Designer

Our team is small and fast-moving and we're looking to bring on a couple people who will directly help shape the products we're building. You should be comfortable taking project ideas and running with them, design mockups, iterating, and working closely with other developers to implement great UIs.

You should care about:

  • Pixels: have a strong sense for visual design and know your way around Photoshop
  • Users: design/implement UI/UX that create positive experiences for people
  • Code: a deep understanding of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. (Bonus for Backbone.js or Python/Django experience)

Software Engineer

We're looking for a couple strong developers to join our core team who have a strong understanding of web technologies and want to help design, implement, and scale major features and systems.

Our current stack includes AWS, Nginx, Python/Django, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, and JavaScript/Backbone.js, but we are mostly just interested in using whatever tools work best for the problems at hand.

You should:

  • Have demonstrated experience in several of the technologies we are using
  • Enjoy designing and optimizing systems to make them super fast
  • Be a big fan of APIs - both using and creating them
  • Love startups and be comfortable in a fast paced environment

Bonus for any of the following:

  • Being great at implementing beautiful UIs in JavaScript and CSS
  • Have Cocoa/Objective-C experience
  • Have experience with phone systems like Asterisk or FreeSWITCH

To apply to either hacker role, please send your resume and anything else that shows off what you're capable of (GitHub, Dribbble, portfolio, or links to any personal projects you've worked) at this link.