What We Do

Sales Team on Demand

We are the #1 sales as a service platform for businesses.

We provide companies a scalable sales team on demand. You can manage your entire sales force via the cloud and get analytics and metrics in real-time. We have the best sales reps in technology and have a powerful operational process to onboarding highly technical products and platforms and scaling their revenue quickly.

Sales Consulting

Have our Senior Sales Managers help your internal sales team improve their performance through our consulting services. Elastic will work with your sales team to identify target market, optimize sales workflow, edit scripts and email correspondence, develop and drill core sales tactics and strategies to increase the productivity of your own team and grow your business dramatically.


Close.io is sales communication redefined.

Close.io was born in Elastic's Sales lab after our sales people became frustrated with the inefficiencies of existing CRMs. We designed Close.io with the goal of making sales people as efficient as possible and drive real growth for businesses.

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Benefits of Working with Elastic:

  1. Time: As the #1 sales as a service provider and sales consultant for companies, our experience and track record of success through traditional and non-traditional sales tactics has created a competitive advantage when it comes to exploring and executing sales campaigns quickly
  2. Data: With Close.io we have the ability to generate crucial metrics & data to define and perfect a predictable and scalable sales campaign for your product
  3. Growth: We offer a hassle-free way to execute and scale your sales process and fuel your company's growth

How it works

  1. Your company is selling to the B2B market and you want to define a scalable sales process and grow revenue
  2. You create an account with Elastic and kick off a pilot campaign or a consulting arrangement
  3. We explore all potential sales models for your product and define a predictable and scalable sales process
  4. We execute your sales strategy and fuel your revenue growth

It’s a scalable way to build and manage your sales force on demand.

What our customers think

At first we didn’t think this would work for us because our platform is really complex. But Elastic has exceeded our expectations and has allowed us to run scalable sales campaigns and grow our revenue with no need for overhead on our side. If you have an internal sales force you definitely want to check out Elastic as a scalable addition!”

Daniel Kivatinos – Co-Founder, drchrono

We reached out to Elastic to help ramp up sales for the upcoming sports season. Their team quickly learned about our platform, processes, and were adding value in just a matter of days. Their team was able to increase outreach, while providing insight to our inside sales team. They were up and running with very little handholding, and acted as if they were one of our own. If you have a need to scale sales immediately, you should work with Elastic!

James Piette – Co-Founder, Krossover

Working with Elastic has solved a major challenge for our business. The greatest demand for our product takes place in the summer, and Elastic gives us the ability to scale resources up and down as needed. Elastic has been able to drive revenue, become experts on our platform, and completely manage our sales funnel with very little handholding. If you're looking for an excellent sales team that gets results, you definitely need to consider Elastic.

Matthew Wensing – Co-Founder/CEO, Stormpulse

Working with Elastic has been awesome! Their team quickly started outreach to potential customers, and the feedback started to pour in. While Elastic hustled our product, we made great strides on improving our product and sales process through the data, experiments, and results they generated. If you are looking for quick results and great customer feedback, Elastic is the answer!

Michael Litt – Co-Founder/CEO, Vidyard

The ElasticSales team developed a outbound sales process for us within just days and started executing on it. One of the most surprising things that happened during the first few weeks of working with Elastic was how often we received positive feedback from prospective clients. They were telling us about how great the entire sales experience was and how impressed they were with the quality of our sales people. Doing outbound sales successfully and in a way that enhances your brand is very hard. Elastic has found a way to actually deliver just that. Impressive!

Kathryn Minshew – Co-Founder/CEO, The Daily Muse

Elastic helped us discover an entirely new business model early in our early our partnership that has shaped the profitable direction of our company. They became intimately acquainted with our business model, and in 4 weeks, were able to help us arrive at the "ah-ha" moment that every startup is seeking.

Matt Deiters, Coderwall

Working with Elastic was an incredible experience. The first thing their team showed us was how to capitalize on the opportunities we had in our pipeline. That got us measurable results extremely fast. They understood how to create sales processes for an enterprise software company like Authy, and we were able to put together a customized scalable process over the course of just a week. After working with Elastic, I believe that I'm now armed with tools and skills required to scale our sales efforts at Authy.

Daniel Palacio, Authy

While I was unsure what to expect, working with Elastic was great! They examined our sales strategy and highlighted areas where we could increase profitability. Elastic helped us uncover some viable sales channels and others that simply wouldn’t be worthwhile for our business. If you are looking to improve your sales process, you should definitely look to Elastic.

Allison Canty, Grasshopper


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