About Us

Elastic is a scalable way to build and manage your sales team on demand.

We are a team of hackers and hustlers. Every team member has either started a company in the past or has future founder ambition. We strive to create the most entrepreneurial company culture in the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: Never again should a great business fail because of a lack of sales. We are leveling the playing field by offering new companies a scalable sales team on demand, sales consulting and a sales communications platform, Close.io, to improve their sales. The entire platform and infrastructure is managed via the cloud and combines the best in software as well as human resources to redefine sales on a massive scale.

Leadership Team

  • Steli: Co-Founder & Chief Hustler

    Steli is responsible for setting & selling our vision to employees, investors and customers. He has been hustling as a serial-entrepreneur since he dropped out of high school to start his first business and most recently Co-Founded VibaTV and SwipeGood.

  • Anthony: Co-Founder & Hacker

    Anthony is working on our sales communication platform and is making sure that our operations are running smoothly. He is a CS grad from the University of Minnesota and was a product manager at eBay and the Co-Founder of SwipeGood.

  • Thomas: Co-Founder & Hacker

    Thomas is our chief hacker and responsible for our technology platform and architecture. He was the recipient of the “European Scientist Award” for his work on a touch-screen based social networking layer and was the hacker behind one of the most viral Twitter applications with over 1 million active users. Also, Co-Founder of VibaTV and SwipeGood.

Our Investors

  • Y Combinator
  • Start Fund
  • SV Angel
  • Spark Capital
  • Omidyar Network


  • Michael Birch
  • David Tisch
  • MR Rangaswami
  • Constantin Delivanis
  • Frederik Fleck
  • Ron Bouganim
  • Max Ventilla
  • Lucas Nealan
  • Brian Shire