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Our Secret Sauce: Why our sales team can outperform yours.

Here at Elastic, we are often asked about how we manage to consistently outperform our client’s internal sales teams month after month. People want to know what our secret sauce is. How do our sales teams maintain such high performance while scaling so quickly?

Here's how.

Our Technology

Since our business is sales, we need to make our team as effective as possible. We realized early on that the amount of time a salesperson spends communicating with customers is directly correlated with the revenue she/he brings in. It makes perfect sense. Yet, if you look at the ...

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Note: TechCrunch published this article of mine this weekend. Here's an excerpt:

There is often confusion about the various roles of a web engineering team. I have had to explain, even to technical recruiters, the differences between these roles and that the lines that separate them are often fuzzy. I thought I’d share the framework I like to use to evaluate whether someone is a good fit for a startup’s technical team.

In a startup, you can’t afford to have people who are only able to do one thing. Someone could be adept at writing HTML ...

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During a recent PandoMonthly event, Angelist's co-founder Naval Ravikant made very interesting comments about how the structure of companies may look in the future. He explained that a company will only need a fraction of the employees it currently takes to become a billion dollar business.

I highly recommend carving some time out to listen to the entire interview.

Naval's Take On Outsourcing

My favorite part of the talk was near the end, when Sarah follows the tradition of asking each guest the same final two questions. Sarah asked Naval "What is the one thing you believe, that ...

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We're big fanboys of Flask here at Elastic. Whether it be powering our sales software or internal analytics tools, we choose Flask because of it's simplicity and active community. In that spirit, we've developed a few extensions along the way and hope you can benefit from there as much as we have.

It's easy to reinvent the wheel when building a new API for a project. The same boilerplate code is copy and pasted from one app to another dishing up an unhealthy portion of code spaghetti. Flask-MongoRest gives us the ability to quickly rollout ...

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Life is all about the follow up. Especially when it comes to the startup hustle.

It's easy to focus on the initial contact. The first meeting. The email you've sent to someone important. You reach out to someone and then feel good about yourself. You've done your job, you've pitched and reached out. You've asked for a meeting/call/etc. Now all you have to do is sit around and wait for them to respond.

That's the problem - You have no follow up hustle.

I get it. You don't want to be a ...

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Hack Your Y Combinator Interview & Get Accepted!

Today Y Combinator is announcing who's going to be invited to Mountain View to interview for a chance to get accepted in what many call the "Harvard of Entrepreneurship". Startups around the globe will soon travel to Silicon Valley for their chance of "startup fame". Here are 7 simple hacks that will increase your chances for a successful interview with YC if you've been chosen from the thousands of applicants.

1. Hack your product development

The core focus here is speed. Build things - and build them fast. Take a look at what the state of your product (mockup ...

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Hustler Series - Featuring Joey Flores

The following is the post in ElasticSales’ “Hustler Series,” a recurring blog profiling Startup “Super Hustlers” here in the Valley, doing everything they can to realize their company’s vision.

Joey Flores is co-founder and CEO of Earbits.com, an online music discovery platform designed to help artists and labels acquire new fans and market their music and live events.  Connect with Earbits on Facebook. Follow Earbits on Twitter

What's your definition of the "startup hustle"?

Getting shit done.  Doing whatever it takes.  Not making excuses.  Believing in your vision, and making others believe.  Tenacity.

What's different between ...

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Hustler Series - Featuring Jason Shen

The following is a post in ElasticSales’ “Hustler Series,” a recurring blog profiling “Super Hustlers” here in the Valley, doing everything they can to realize their company’s vision.

Jason Shen is entrepreneur, blogger and runner. He is cofounder of Ridejoy (YC S11), community marketplace for friendly people sharing rides. He writes at The Art of Ass-Kicking and finished his first marathon in July of 2012.

 1.     What's your definition of the "startup hustle"?

Figuring out what needs to get done, and then being stubbornly creative about doing it   ASAP.

 2.     What's different between hackers and hustlers? What ...

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The 10 Deadly Sales Sins Committed by Startups

Last week I had the pleasure to contribute the article “The 7 Deadly Sales Sins Committed by Startups” to TechCrunch. As a result of this post, dozens of entrepreneurs and hustlers responded with additional “sins” committed by young companies that we wanted to share with you.

Below are the original "7 Sales Sins" + 3 "Bonus Sales Sins" submitted by commenters. 

1. Not Understanding Your Customer: Many startups make generalizations as to what their customers want. There may be a specific market for your product or service, but each customer’s challenges are going to be different. I’ve seen founders ...

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How to Close Your 1st Customer

Working with top Silicon Valley startups, we see the same challenge faced by new companies everyday: Technical founders need to create a pitch and position their product, but don’t know where to start.

Join us for a webinar by Elastic's Senior Hustler - Karan Ramchandani - who's helped dozens of startups get their first customers. He'll discard the arbitrary and talk SPECIFICS about:

  • Targeting, sourcing and pitching your first customers
  • How to demo with the intent to sell
  • Shameless follow-up
  • Maintaining your sanity

Date: Thursday August 23, 2012

Time: 4:00-5:00pm PDT

Sign up HERE!

About Karan ...

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